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What are THEME DAYS you ask??? Well, Line of Fire (LOF) sets one Saturday aside (every other month) to celebrate a holiday, recent movie release or video game. These 'theme days' tend to draw large crowds as cool 'gifts' are given away throughout the day. Often players are encouraged to 'dress up' to win prizes. Most Theme Days are also B.A.N.D. (Bring A Newbie Day) events. If you have played at LOF before, we'll give you 500 FREE PAINTBALLS for every newbie (never played at LOF before) that you bring along. Bring a (newbie) friend and get a FREE BAG OF PAINTBALLS! Bring 4 (newbie) friends and get a FREE CASE OF PAINTBALLS! Bring 8 (newbie) friends and receive 2 FREE CASES OF PAINTBALLS!! Bring 12 (newbie) friends and....well, you get the picture. Theme Days are a blast, so check our Calendar Page and make your plans to attend!! $25 will 'lock in' a spot to play and is suggested as many theme days have a limit to the number of players allowed. Equipment, air & paint are available at regular prices (sorry, no passes or coupons accepted on theme days). LOF also awards a FREE CASE OF PAINTBALLS to the "best dressed" at each theme day. Want to get more out of your theme day? Then 'early-bird' pre-register to save money, get FREE LUNCH and avoid standing in the registration lines on the day of the event. But, to get the MOST out of your theme day experience, (if it's based on a recent video game release) make sure and swing by your local GAMESTOP store and buy a copy of the video game and your receipt will get you $10 off your theme day walk-on fee. Also, if you're the 1st person in line at your local GAMESTOP at midnight for the game's release, you'll likely receive a FREE PASS to the theme day. For a glimpse of past Theme Days, see the photos below or check out our pictures page.